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Born six minutes apart, identical twin brothers Dan and Dave Duddingston have a unique history of working together to achieve success.

Whether delivering the morning and afternoon editions of the Saint Paul and Minneapolis papers in their tender years, managing the local Haagen-Dazs store in their terrible teens, waiting tables at Pracna on Main and Winfield Potters in their college years, owning and managing a financial services company after graduating from the University of Minnesota, or representing buyers and sellers in real estate transactions; they have always divided the duties of each endeavor based on their individual strengths.

A literal "two for one" philosophy has proven effective for the brothers.

An eclectic past including an early interest in theater attending the Children's Theater School in Minneapolis, lettering in Debate and Tennis (doubles no less) in high school, and both graduating with Humanities majors and minors in avant garde film, the two are addicted to fitness and can be seen running through the streets of Ramsey Hill in Saint Paul where both reside.

Daniel Duddingston



David Duddingston


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